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Who’s Driving?

Nico “Hulk” Hülkenberg is one of the highest-paid race car drivers As a Formula 1 driver, he earns over $10 million...

April 26, 2020
Stormy Weather Ahead

The other day my friend Drake and I were supposed to get together when he returned from visiting his mother Unfortunately,...

April 24, 2020
Lone Rider

Lately, my boys and I have been riding our bikes together almost every day It’s been enjoyable for all four of us to...

April 23, 2020
Take Time To Roar

Like all newborns, my children also cried to express different needs Whether it was hunger, fatigue, or discomfort, crying...

April 22, 2020
Permission To Mess Up

About a year ago, I committed to writing this blog At the beginning, I had a problem with consistency and found myself...

April 21, 2020
Burning Down the House

As a boy genius I one day decided I was going to make a rocket powered skateboard I figured just like in the cartoons, if...

September 28, 2019
Job, Career or Calling?

For many men, having a deeper meaning in our work is vital We’ve been conditioned to believe all work is about...

April 8, 2019
Fool’s Gold

As I stood on the front porch of our cabin I could see the heavy fog sitting over the mountain tops True to it’s name,...

April 3, 2019