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a servant leader.

Discover the power of a being a servant leader alongside others.

Running a successful organization requires efficiency and an ability to critically and correctly assess a situation to get staff down the chain of command to move in the same direction. A great leader should be able to detect the changes in real-time and even the nuances in seemingly similar situations to provide the right leadership necessary to grow the organization. Organizational leadership is a function of cooperation and communication from leaders to team members. This proactive approach requires skill on the part of the leader to create a healthy and productive 

environment with measurable results, thereby achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. My Led to Lead® Leadership Coaching Workshops are designed to help leaders develop and harness higher emotional intelligence, which is crucial to sound decision making and leading others. This workshop will help leaders polish their communication skills to achieve optimum results and drive day-to-day activities. Also, I help leaders reframe and transform their decision-making skills for a healthy and productive organization.

Led to Lead® Leadership Group Coaching

Led to Lead® leadership group coaching is an immersive and interactive workshop to unpack and discover the skills with existing leadership skills. Leaders are encouraged to self-evaluate their current behavior and leadership styles to integrate this new set of coaching skills for greater leadership effectiveness. The goal for every participant is to walk away, having learned powerful

leadership coaching skills for mentoring others and helping their organization. Those skills are for mentoring others by assisting them in setting goals and objectives, solving problems, evaluating progress, and create accountability. These invaluable skills can also apply to personal areas of a person’s life, at work, and in the community.

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