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" I thought I had "arrived" but in reality I was more lost than ever. That's when I realized I needed a change."

My life is one of ambition, destruction, redemption and eventually - triumph.

For most of my life, I was driven to pursue excellence in everything I did. Whether it was school, work, a simple task, whatever it was, the goal was always the same, “be the best at what you do”. There was very little room for anything else. This led me to seek fulfillment anywhere and with anyone that posed a possible solution. Eventually I gave up looking for the answer and started to live a rebellious streak. I was going to live my life the way I wanted to live it, no matter who I used or hurt along the way.

I was what most consider, “successful”. I graduated from the university with honors, started a great career, made friends and was making good money. Whether it was competitive cycling, racing, education, industry awards and recognitions or success in business, I was “in it to win it”. Unfortunately, when it came to deep, meaningful fulfillment, I was empty. I harbored much angst and unrest. I had the drive, I had the intellect but there was still something missing.

From rock-bottom to redeemed.

One day as I awoke from another unfulfilled day, I looked around and realized all of my achievements had little value as they were self-serving. The recognition and titles I had been chasing meant nothing without a purpose. I heard a faint whisper posing the question…” What are you doing? Don’t you know that you’re destined for so much more than this?” At that moment, I realized I needed a change and submitted everything to God. That day was the start of my transformation. The years that followed included much introspection, training, mistakes, learning, and growth. Almost fifteen years later, the person I was then is a distant memory of the man I am today.

Today I’m glad to say I’m a loving husband, dedicated father, a successful entrepreneur, business consultant to multi-million dollar companies, committed follower, and help others maximize their potential as a leadership and life Coach. What I enjoy most is guiding other leaders to discover and become powerful and successful servant-leaders. It’s encouraging to see them transform as they successfully apply their leadership skills from their personal lives to their profession. Their servant-leadership approach makes them successful in their relationships, at work, friendships, and communities. These leaders are embracing greatness and leaving a legacy for future generations.

Two worlds, one mission.

CEO / Led to Lead®

My passion for working with leaders of organizations is evident as a formally trained Leadership & Life Coach. I specialize in working with leaders in leadership roles. My focus is on working with their core values, vision, purpose, & mission to align them for success. In addition, my approach helps empower men to discover and apply their God-given abilities for dramatic life change.

I developed the Led to Lead® program as an in-depth and transformative approach for developing servant-leaders. This program is for leaders seeking to maximize their potential in their personal and professional lives. This program’s goal benefits more than the individual as it will positively impact everyone around them for remarkable results.

Certifications & Memberships

ICF Member

CEO / Founder Pumped®, Inc.

In 2005, I founded Pumped, Inc., a brand development and design consultancy. Today the firm has worked with over 100+ startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses across 45 industries. Prior to starting the firm, I worked for various local, national and international agencies. The reason I started the firm was to help small businesses build and grow their brands. Staying true to the original mission, the firm continues to help businesses as well as run our own registered non-profit.


As a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), I bring almost 20 years of proven experience to the business. Over these years I’ve led a team of talented professionals and we’ve had the privilege to share with our customers the recognition of many awards from prestigious shows such as the One Show, National, Regional, Best Of Show Addy Awards, HSMAI and various others. In 2008, I also started the Pumped For Change 501(C)(3) non-profit to help bring awareness and support to local charities and organizations.

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