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Faith Fire Fury

Something inside you hungers for something more in this life. You know you have a greater purpose or mission despite your successes or failures. There’s a deep-seated desire for significance, to know your life matters. You’re just not sure what it is. Learn how three transformative tenets, Faith Fire Fury® or FX3®, can help you live a radically fulfilling life.

FX3 Program

FX3 is the culmination of decades of extensive study, prayer, introspection, experience leading other men, and overcoming trials. FX3 is not only a transformative approach but also a biblically discipleship based program and brotherhood. 


Who Does God Say I Am?

Most of us struggle to find our identity in the fleeting things of this world. Culture constantly tells us we find our identity in what we do, what we have, who others say we are, what we look like, or many other groundless falsehoods. However, the Bible tells us nothing could be further from the truth.