FX3® is a dynamic and transformative
program and brotherhood created for you to be the man God made you to be.

FX3® is a dynamic and transformative program and brotherhood to be the men they we created to be.

In life, nothing worthwhile comes easy. Unfortunately, we think we can have it all with little to no work. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Lasting change and transformation takes deliberate effort. The FX3® Challenge is for men ready to commit and move from complacency to that of power alongside other brothers and the honor of being an FX3® Warrior. Considering manhood is under attack, we need warriors. Warriors that pursue and promote authentic manhood and the good it provides to all.

Becoming an FX3® Warrior requires a shift in mindset and lifestyle. To do this, I created The FX3® Challenge. The FX3® Challenge is a unique and highly interactive program made up of three distinct phases or modules. The three phases are FX3® Faith, FX3® Fire, and FX3® Fury. FX3® Faith is considered a Bootcamp of sorts and is an online or offline 30-day, six-session module designed to break down existing barriers to clarify what it means to be a man according to biblical truth. After completing FX3® Faith, you then move onto FX3® Fire. FX3® Fire helps men discover their true identity in Christ and the role men play in the spiritual war. Men also learn to prepare for the battles that hold them back from living according to their true purpose.

The last and final phase for becoming an FX3® Warrior is FX3® Fury. FX3® Fury is a practical and tactical study on how to fight and live victoriously to become the man God made you to be. In FX3® Fury, you continue your training to become an FX3® Warrior alongside your fellow FX3® Faith and Fire graduates. As part of this ongoing four to six-person team, you continue to unpack and apply what it means to be a part of the brotherhood and how to live as an FX3® Warrior. The result: men boldly and bravely following Christ, loving sacrificially, and showing others how to do the same.